The project comes from the love that Maria Grazia and Lucrezia have for this land, for the healthy country life and, above all, to remember the absolute devotion that Eugenio (Maria Grazia’s husband and Lucrezia’s father) had for “his” Cossombrato, to keep his memory alive.

From here the idea to give a new life to the old farm that hosted different generations of our family and represented a basic source of work and living for several families of farmers, a sort of village within the village.

Our purpose is to create a charming and welcoming atmosphere, made of history and modern comfort, without altering our past. Our aim is to rekindle simple, deep feelings, to provide our guests with moments of peace, tranquillity and cheerfulness.

Our ultimate achievement is making you feel at home. We believe that Le Corti di San Rocco is a special place and we are looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

Maria Grazia e Lucrezia

Le Corti di San Rocco Farmhouse is located in Cossombrato, a quiet, little village at about 10 minutes’ driving distance from Asti.
This project saw the light thanks to Maria Grazia and Lucrezia, mother and daughter.

In fact, the property has always been a farm where, over the decades, the most diverse crops have been cultivated: from fruit trees to poplars, from vineyards to wheat fields. And in more recent days, Maria Grazia and Lucrezia have decided to give the village and all passers-by the possibility of admiring a 5-hectare stretch of lavender and lavandin which, in June and July, becomes a huge, eye-catching lilac-purple expanse surrounding the property.